We appraise all of the following commercial property types in San Diego County.

Office, Industrial, Shopping Centers, Eliminant domain, Apartments, Land, Religious properties

Reasons for a San Diego Commercial Appraisal

• Mortgage Financing.  In some instances, you might be able to order your own appraisal for San Diego Commercial Mortgage Financing. Also Hard Money lenders allow the use of self hired Commercial Appraisers.
• To establish market value.   Appraisals are often needed needed to determine the commercial market value of a commercial building prior to listing the property for sale.  Let us provide an unbiased opinion of value on your commercial real estate.

• Divorce.  We will provide an unbiased appraisal can assist in the division of assets so that both parties can move on with their lives. Citified expert witness status in San Diego County. Court experience.

• Estate or Probate Appraisals.  We can provide both current value and commercial retrospective appraisal services with the value based on a particular date of death as often used in estate or probate cases, depending on the needs of the executor or family members.

• Bankruptcy or forced-sale liquidations or auctions.  When filing for commercial bankruptcy, a commercial appraisal can provide an opinion of your building’s fair market value, which can assist with liquidation paperwork in San Diego County.

• Business dissolutions. When partnerships end and its time to part ways, a commercial real estate appraisal can provide an opinion of fair market value, often just one component of the dissolution process. 

 • For government acquisition of private property for public use. Through eminent domain the government can take your commercial property, and the rules for compensation vary depending on whether the entity doing the condemning is local, state, or federal government.

• Inheritance Taxes. Commercial Real state appraisals can assist families to determine whether assets are high enough to engage state or federal inheritance tax.

We also specialize in development appraisals where we can assist you with finding the highest and best use of your commercial property.

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