Zoo Keeper Club at the San Diego Zoo

If you live in San Diego, you should definitely check out all the benefits to become a member of the San Diego Zoological Society.  You get admission to both the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park (Safari) and have the opportunity to attend cool events like the Zoo Keeper Club where you get in to the Zoo before opening hours to meet the animals and learn more about the Zoological Society.

San Diego Zoological Society

The San Diego Zoo is located within the beautiful communities of South Park, Hillcrest and Downtown San Diego.  I am sure there are a few communities I am leaving out as it is quite large and borders many communities and is a valuable addition to the area.  I have appraised many homes and condominiums within the Zoo and Balboa Park boundaries and there is definitely a positive influence in value to the homes with close proximity to both.

There are also a large number of historical homes located within close proximity to Balboa Park and the Zoo and it is best to always use a Certified Real Estate Appraiser in San Diego to help determine the value of the property.

During this Zookeeper club event we got to learn a lot of great information about the Zoo and what makes the San Diego Zoo such a great part of our community.

Take time and enjoy your city!




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